General Travel Conditions - Styrassic Park - Englisch

Cancellation policy/postponement

Early journey home (rules for arrivals from January 1st, 2013):

Travel insurance

Use of the private leisure facility:

Payment Terms

Bank details:
Volksbank Southeast Styria
IBAN: AT07 4477 0262 7313 0000

Promotions: Such as for Christmas, do not apply to groups, but to families and couples, from the time of the offer until the end of the offer.

We are there to make your stay as pleasant as possible. If there are any defects according to our offer, please report this immediately so that we can rectify them as quickly as possible. Unreported deficits or defects that are only announced on the day of departure are excluded from the possibility of complaints.

For groups of 20 or more paying people: – 1 teacher free for 20 school children and – 1 chauffeur and 1 tour guide per bus group free!
Offers for schools and kindergartens only apply during school days.

Value protection

Point 1:
The agreed overnight price is linked to the cost of living index – the price falls or rises to the same extent. The starting point is the cost of living index as of January 1 of the year in which the booking was made. If the deviation is more than 10%, the overnight price changes accordingly.

Point 2:
In the event of total currency devaluation or the introduction of a new currency or banknotes, etc., the overnight price for bookings and final payments will then be calculated as follows:
The basis is a certain shopping cart from the supermarket (see below) or electricity supplier, which is made up of the following goods and prices that were on the last 1 January of your booking:

For reasons of speculation, only down payments that have arrived in our account one month in advance can be taken into account in the event of a currency devaluation.

The attractions in the Styrassic Park are available to park visitors and Tree-Hotel guests free of charge during their operating hours. Attractions can be modified, exchanged, impaired or even blocked at any time. This is especially true when security can not be guaranteed 100% or there are other technical defects.
Since there is no extra charge for the attractions, there is no return money in the event of any restrictions or cancellations.

Travel dates for group travel that have been postponed at least once are subject to a 70% cancellation fee in the event of cancellation.
In connection with relocations should there be another operator at the Tree-Hotel of Styrassic Park GmbH, all rights and obligations are transferred to the legal successor. This means that nothing changes in the reserved services.
Use of the parking lot is at your own risk.
The Genusscard expires on November 1st, 2017. From 2018, the excursion offer automatically includes the use of the Styrassic excursion tandem. The half-day suburb can be reserved free of charge per 2 nights and room.

Code of ethics

Styrassic Park is meant to be a place of experience and above all a place for children and not a place for arguments. Therefore, mutual disputes should not be carried out in front of one’s own children and certainly not that adults argue or curse or even scream in front of other children or disregard the night’s rest in the Tree-Hotel room area from 10:30 p.m. – the night’s rest above all to protect the children. Threats of any kind are also undesirable here. In the event of such behavior/violations, the park & hotel management can expel the visitor or guest from the site (park/hotel) against prior warning and even issue a ban on entry. This means that all claims to the remaining services expire. I.e. paying for admission or overnight stays does not mean absolute freedom, but the code of ethics must be observed. This also applies to minors (12-18 years).

Subject to price and program changes!

The reservation confirmation is also the booking confirmation: The guest checks whether the arrival and departure days match the number of nights, the current prices and the number of people, as well as the Tree-Hotel category. If there are any deviations, please complain immediately, as the actual overnight stays according to the overnight price and number of people come into play when you check in.

Liability for park visits & Tree-Hotel


We are very concerned about the safety of children. Likewise, nobody should have to be afraid of dogs in Styrassic Park. Therefore there is the following regulation:

Park and hotel rules

Every guest who visits Styrassic Park, stays in the Tree-Hotel or stays in the restaurant probably comes because they want to relax or are looking for fun and adventure.
Styrassic Park is a no-fighting, -swearing, or -bullying zone. It is also not a place for insults or discrimination of any kind, but a zone of peace. Anyone who does so may be expelled from the park or hotel without warning to protect other guests or park staff. In such cases, there is no right to return money.

Room service

There are signs in the rooms for room service that you can hang on the door outside until 10 a.m.: “Please room service”. In this case the room will be cleaned during the day. Room service is included from the 4th night. Otherwise, a fee of €15.- per room service is due. If you go without room service, when it’s included, you will receive a restaurant voucher worth € 15.-.

Check-In is possible on the day of arrival between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the entrance area. By then, all rooms are usually ready. If you finish an hour later on a big day of arrival (4 to 5 times a year), you can check out 1 hour later on the day of departure. If you arrive later, please call ahead: 0043 (0) 3159 2875.
Check-Out is at 10 a.m. on the day of departure. You can use the park and leisure area from 9 a.m. on the day of arrival and until 5 p.m. on the day of departure at no extra charge. So you can win a whole day of vacation at no extra charge.


Everyone tries to make the guests feel comfortable. Nevertheless, it can happen that something breaks or gets dirty here or there. Or. It may be that there is damage to property or personal injury. Please report this to the park management in the entrance area immediately – where the cash desk is. That’s the only way we can do anything.

In return, the park management asks its guests to use the rubbish bins.
Basics: The Tree-Hotel is not a 4-star hotel but a Tree-Hotel in the forest, where it can happen that the woodpecker hammers with its beak on a tree at 4 a.m. or a pheasant twirls through the area. In any case, the birds can chirp beautiful songs on a sunny morning.


In the case of voucher campaigns that affect individuals or families, only one voucher per family can be redeemed for admission or overnight stays per series of campaigns. Promotional vouchers are always valid for the season in which they are issued.


It is expressly pointed out that no objects such as wet wipes, tampons, pads, etc. may be thrown into the hotel and restaurant toilets.
This inevitably leads to constipation. The rooms are handed over without congestion. The room is checked after each Check-Out. If the drain is found to be partially or fully clogged, the guest will be charged for the cleaning afterwards. Therefore, please check the room immediately after handing over the keys.

Place of jurisdiction
8330 Feldbach