Silent day - Styrassic Park - Englisch

Experience a day full of silence in Styrassic Park!

On these days we will adapt the park so that it also for autistic and highly sensitive people as well accessible to those seeking peace and quiet. Based on the “Silent Hour” in supermarkets, We would like to have a pilot project with our “Silent Days”. to make tourism more inclusive. Out of For this reason we would like to use our “Silent Days” create an inclusive space where all families share beautiful memories with your children can create.

Silent Day Offer

Designed for the needs of people who are sensitive to stimuli

All electronic devices, loudspeakers and other “noise makers” will be switched off and our cinema hall will be converted into a low-stimulus room in which you can retreat when overstimulated. Measures are also taken in the restaurant to meet the needs of autistic and sensory-sensitive people. This includes contactless food ordering & pickup and separate serving of food. Children and adults can try things out in our high ropes course and on the climbing wall, and there is a plaster station for creative types.

Beautiful memories in quiet surroundings

And for research, our excavation site is exceptionally available all day long, where you can try your hand at paleontology. Those who find the playground too much hustle and bustle will find peace in our dinosaur forest, where benches invite you to rest and listen to the birds. Our staff is trained together with LebensGroß to deal with neurodiverse people in order to offer a worry-free day. We want everyone to feel comfortable and be able to be who they are.

– 50% on your ticket to the silent adventure!

Between 05. – October 7th, 2023 our Dinopark will be specially tailored to the needs of people who are sensitive to stimuli

In close collaboration with LebensGroß’s autism focus, sensitization and preparation was carried out specifically for the “Silent Day”. The special requirements of autistic visitors were discussed in training courses and suitable measures were developed together. Secure your ticket!