We will answer all your questions to prepare you as best as possible for your day visit / tree hotel holiday!

Are dogs allowed in the park?

Yes - but on a leash and dogs over 8kg with a muzzle!

In restaurant are these allowed on the outside terraces.
Also in tree hotel may these with supervision in the entry three biodegradable dog waste bags!

Is the park open all year round?

The park has of 1. April - 5 November daily from 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. (Oct. + Nov. until 5:00 p.m.)!

To our opening hours

Is the park also open when it rains?

Yes - in any weather!

In addition to ours tour we offer many covered attractions like climbing parcours a plaster-station or ours Dino cinema ect.
However, it remains the responsibility of the visitors to dress according to the weather.

Do you have to pay extra for the attractions?

All attractions are at us entry price already included (weather-related restrictions possible).
In addition to these, there are also additional machines in Styrassic Park that can only be used with coins/chips, which can also be purchased at the cash desk.

When does the live dinosaur show start?

Every day at 11:00 and at 3:00 he comes out of his cave! (Exception: Good Friday 3 p.m.)

Can you reserve seats in the restaurant?

For a Children-Birthday Is there a possibility a Dino birthday chair with 1 to 2 tables (7 or 13 seats) incl. Birthday cake online for 1.5 hours reservate. For groups of 30 or more people, a reservation during the week can be requested: Tel. 03159 2875.

Recommendation: If someone wants to eat, please come as early as possible - From 11:15 a.m. it is already possible to have lunch.

Can baby food be warmed up in the park?

Directly to the left of that restaurant entrance there is a microwave to warm up on your own!

From what age is the park suitable for children?

Many children develop an interest in it at a very early age dinosaurs , but regardless of when this interest arises and how strong it is, Styrassic Park offers many play opportunities for children from 2 years

Is the park wheelchair accessible?

Yes! Most parts of the dinosaur parks were built in such a way that wheelchair users can use them well. This includes the show with the living dinosaurs at 11:00 and at 3:00 p.m. That too dinorestaurant including toilets, is barrier-free. The only place that may not be perfectly usable for wheelchair users is the forest tour. It is quite possible to cross it in a wheelchair, but you should expect an increased effort.

Where is drinking water available in the dinosaur park?

At the playground behind the Malstation there are 2 taps with drinking water quality. Water of drinking water quality can also be taken from the wash basins in our toilet facilities.

What happens to lost items?

All items found will be kept at the entrance in the checkout area for a maximum of 14 days. Depending on the item, these will be disposed of afterwards or handed over to Ukraine for help.

How about parking?

85 percent of the parking spaces are free of charge
10 percent of the parking spaces cost € 5.00 per day
5 percent of the parking spaces are covered and cost € 1.00 per hour up to a maximum of € 9.00 per day

Are there e-charging stations?

There are 5 e-charging stations under our photovoltaic system!

Are there discounted tickets?

When you buy your Ticket online in advance, it will be cheaper! Groups of 25 or more people are also available online discounts.

What advantages do I have with the season ticket?

The season pass valid from the date of purchase until November 2nd of the current year. With the Season Pass you can visit Styrassic Park as often as you like! A purchase pays off from the 3rd visit (based on the normal rate).

Can I also buy my ticket online?

Yes - the earlier you order online, the cheaper your ticket will be! Even including a parking space reservation possible!
Save here online!

Can we eat with you too?

Our dinorestaurant offers everything from Wienerschnitzel to Styrian specialties (vegetarian/vegan possible) as well as traditional desserts and a salad and soup buffet.

Can I pay cashless?

Both at the ticket office and in the souvenir shop and in the dinorestaurant can be paid cashless!

I want to work in Styrassic Park! Where can I apply?

To our Job-offers
For summer jobs, you can send your application, including your CV and photo office@styrassicpark.atsend!